Harry Shepherd

Hi, my name is Harry Shepherd and I am an author, Internet Marketing Strategist and the founder of ComeOnDigital.Com Though I worked with fortune 500 companies and I considered the most trusted name for online money creation. I have helped biggest self-development trainers and coaches in India to reach the heights but life was not always like this. In my childhood, I always dreamed of becoming a big man and my father wanted me to learn a skill so that I could earn some money and contribute to the family. My mother enrolled me in school when I was 7 Y/o.
My mother’s death due to cancer stopped my schooling while I was appearing for my high school exams. My father wanted me to become a bicycle or Bike mechanic and I wanted to do something different. One day he has beaten the hell out of me and threw me out of the house because I was not following him. To manage me I started living with some labour boys. I did different labour works in many factories but I never gave up and my passion fuelled my desire to make it big in this world. One day I started working at a computer institute as a peon where I fell in love with computers and the internet. Only by observing people there. Within six months I learned some useful computer applications. The owner saw me as a valuable resource and hired me at a meagre salary of Rs.800/Month. There I started educating myself, sharpening my skills. One day I typed a sentence in Google, which has 17,00,00,000 results in Google. And that sentence was “How to make money online”. I have read thousands of articles, about twenty-five hundred e-books, read hundreds of books and I have watched thousands of hours of training videos. And while doing all this intensive research I came to know that the internet is full of the content which confuses you, even more, distract you more. To learn the real authentic and structured system of wealth creation online, you need a real authentic master. So I decided to invest some serious money to learn from them who were already making huge money out of it. I learned from world’s best internet entrepreneurs and started implementing that learning and I started getting amazing results in my life. Then I started helping self-development trainers and coaches. After applying my proven strategies of Internet Marketing, some of them are highly successful now. I also learned so many valuable life changing lessons from them and I integrated human psychology in my system which I learned in past 7 years. I intend to share the wealth of knowledge so people can get rid of corporate professional and start earning wealth with the help of internet…just as I have been doing it.


My mission is to help common people to turn their hobbies and passion into a profession and be financially free by providing an authentic training and support system for people who want to pursue their dreams, start an online business, follow their passion/hobby and want to make money online.

My Vision

Our vision is to be the leading source of Training to learn the authentic ways of earning money on the Internet by doing what we love to do. We will earn our customers’ trust, and following, by offering only the highest quality Training, information, products and services. We will help at least 1 million people to earn 6 figure income on the internet by doing what they really love to do or they are passionate about, by 2025.